Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Music Review (Tamil): Chennai 2 Singapore

Music Review (Tamil): Chennai 2 Singapore
Music Composer: Ghibran

Vaadi Vaadi is an immensely ear-worm material and the rock layer by Ghibran is an adequately engaging one which hooks the listener till it lasts. The backing vocals by Yazin Nizar gives quite an international feel to the album while lead singer Rajan Chelliah's mangled Tamil aside, the vocals fit the tone of the song perfectly. Poda's hyper fast Rap by RJ Balaji and Abishek is passable while Ghibran easily scores in the background rhythm and the tune turns into kuthu in the middle, however, the foot tapping rhythm programming and screechy electric guitar usage in the song makes this one engaging till it lasts.

Pogadhe rides on the enticing melody and the tune is accentuated by the minimal piano dominated orchestration while Rajan Chelliah croons the second song in the album and the singer effortlessly breezes through the high-pitched portions of the tune which makes it up for his questionable Tamil diction. Ghibran's string solo and Jazzy background are phenomenal in the first and second interlude respectively. Pogadhe's female version is also equally effective with the tinge of folk touch in the arrangements and Suthasini's vocal suits the immersive tune and the main highlight of the song is undeniably wonderful violin solos by Balaji which are bliss to hear.Gun Inbam is another highly imaginative track from Ghibran where the composer effectively utilized Sharanya Gopinath's vocal prowess with fabulous support from Emcee Jesz, Abbas Akbar, and Shabir. Ghibran's mysterious arrangements especially prelude sounds is exceptionally done and Ghibran ends the song in high octane kuthu.Ghibran unleashed his potential with another hyper-imaginative track Texas Pogiren where Narrow Smith's unconventional vocals mixed with Sharanya Gopinath's trendy vocals make this one highly engaging one. Ghibran kept the orchestration subtle and allowed singers to take front stage and though the final string section is nicely done, sounds incongruous to the overall tone of the song.Ro Ro Roshini is the most conventional song in the album with the whiff of heard before feel in the tune, however, Nivas's vocals and Ghibran's arrangements make the listeners overlook for the minor grouses in the Deja-vu flavor of the tune. Ghibran adorned the tune with an immersive piano and jazz sounds in the arrangements.

Verdict: Ghibran continues to push boundaries in term of musical quality irrespective of the scope of the project and Chennai 2 Singapore is not different. Overall, another winning album from one of the highly talented however under-recognized composer in the Tamil industry.

My Rating: 8.25/10

Pick of the Album: Pogadhe (both versions), Vaadi Vaadi, Texas Pogiren

P.S You can listen to the songs in Saavn.