Monday, September 5, 2016

Music Review (Telugu): Majnu

Music Review (Telugu): Majnu
Music Composer: Gopi Sundar

Kallu Moosi melody is immensely enjoyable and the tune is trademark Gopi Sundar while the composer adorned the engaging tune with fabulous arrangements especially saxophone in the second interlude and violin solos. Suchith Suresan breezes through the melody effortlessly and makes this one engaging listen till it lasts.Oorikey Ala is an absolute stunner and it is evident right from the fabulous immersive 20-second prelude. Gopi Sundar gives the rock flavor to the melancholic lyrics of RamaJogayya Sastry. Haricharan fits the bill perfectly with his splendid rendition and the prowess singer matches the brilliant orchestration effectively. The solo violin in the first interlude is an easy winner among the other enticing elements in the song.

Andamaina starts like Sooraj Dhooba Hain and the tune is adequately foot tapping as well as sounds more like rhyme. Gopi Sundar props up with fabulous flute solo in the first interlude along with enjoyable Carnatic mix in the second interlude and Rahul Nambiar aces the tune with his spritely rendition. Gopi Sundar crafted the Jare Jare's tune beautifully and the melody is stunningly pleasant one while the composer's soothing minimal orchestration segues with the tune brilliantly especially lovely use of melodica and flute in the second interlude are employed well. Naresh Iyer's involved rendition makes this one undeniable winner in the album.Chinmayi's dreamy rendition in Oye Meghamla works to its favor with Gopi Sundar continues to charm the listener with his enticing background. Once again composer employed flute and Carnatic styled guitar to the brilliant usage in the arrangements front and the lovely charanam tune is an absolute delight to listen. Aadara is the mandatory kuthu and odd one out in the album filled with endearing melodies. Ranjith's verve matches the mood of the song. However this song is a let down when compared to the string of melodies and one can easily skip this track.

Verdict: Gopi Sundar's Majnu is the melodic treat from the composer and he continues to churn out quality songs in Telugu akin to Malayalam.

My Rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: Oorikey Ala, Oye Meghmla, Jare Jare

P.S You can listen to the songs in Saavn.