Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Music Review (Telugu): Premam

Music Review (Telugu): Premam
Music Composer: Rajesh Murugesan and Gopi Sundar

         Malare song which was almost the youth anthem in 2015 returns as Evare in the Telugu version of Premam and the euphonious melody sounds soothing and fresh as in the original. Vijay Yesudas who crooned the original one aces this version also with his effortless rendition and Rajesh Murugesan's brilliant violin solos are blissful to hear. Sreemani deserves special mention for penning beautiful lyrics which complements the underlying dreamy melody. Agarothula's retro synthesised tune sounds apt for the Malayalam version as the percussion, synth beats and tune fit the ambience perfectly. However as a standalone track, the song has decent tune, likeable arrangements and Naresh Iyer sounds perfect when compared to the singing in the original version. Premam's Telugu version included Chinna Chinna as Ninna Leni with the album itself unlike as background score in the original version. The playful tune is rendered fabulously by an ever-reliable singer Karthik. Rajesh Murugesan's lovely arrangements starting with whistles, wonderful violin solos and keys are delight to hear.

        Prema Pusene's tune is not an instantly appealing one as a standalone track, However neat arrangements dominated by synthesised sounds and Karthik's rendition makes this one enjoyable till it lasts. Overall, faithful reconstruction from the original Kaalam Kettu Poyi. Gopi Sundar marks his entry in the album with bang bang, where the techno sounds are pretty functional, however composer makes up for the EDM with the fabulous sax solo in the interlude. Haricharan easily breezes through the ordinary tune effectually. Gopi Sundar maintains the upbeat sprightly feel throughout the song. Enno Saarlu also has ordinary tune with passable arrangements salvaged by Sachin Warrier's vocals and Gopi Sundar's trademark melody. The song offers nothing exceptionally and also the tune sails through without much hindrance. In Evadu Evadu, Gopi Sundar utilises the familiar sound loop of Rockaan kuthu and although Gopi's track follows the soundscape similar to the original, Telugu version sounds better due to Ranjith vocals when compared with the Anirudh's in the original. Overall, album ends with the fitting match to the original soundtrack.

Verdict: Chandoo Mondeti plays safe by retaining lovable Rajesh Murugesan tracks as in the original, though Telugu version misses the playful Aluva Puzha and angsty Kalippu while Gopi Sundar's new tracks didn't add much value to the album.

My Rating: 7.25/10

Pick of the Album: Evare, Ninna Leni, Evadu Evadu

P.S You can listen to the songs in Youtube.