Saturday, September 24, 2016

Music Review (Telugu): Hyper

Music Review (Telugu): Hyper
Music Composer: Ghibran

Come back Come back starts off in a pretty functional with instantly catchy hook and the song can be easily associated to DSP if not for the credits. Anudeep and Yazin sounds apt in delivering this peppy upbeat song with Srimani's colloquial lyrics fit the mood of the song. The song turns out to be much better with the tinge of haunting tune in the second half which makes this one enjoyable till it lasts. Baby Doll is another song in the album without any Ghibran's enticing touches and the song sounds pretty staid and join in the list of stock tunes in Telugu. Anurag Kulkarni and Sahiti Chaganti's processed vocals also unable to elevate the level of the song from mediocre. Ghibran's brief sitar in the first interlude is the notable highlight in this song.

Ompula Dhaniya starts off promisingly with lovely however brief folk violin and turns out to be pretty foot tapping percussion dominated song. Though, the song is sub-standard when compared to Ghibran's earlier works, the tune is enticing enough to clasp the listeners.Dhanunjay, Simha and Lipsika's sprightly vocals makes this one listenable. Naalo Nenenaa's incongruous chorus aside, the underlying melody is beautiful and fabulously sung by Sameera Bharadwaj. Srimani's beautiful lyrics and female singer's pleasant vocals makes this one enjoyable and the only grouse being the song is of just two minute duration.Hypare is the mandatory Telugu Kuthu and Ghibran also unable to give new flavour to the disappointing jaded kuthu songs churned out by the Telugu music industry. Dhanunjay, Geetha Madhuri and Lipsika sung with enough verve and the only solace being that percussion is not dominated to give enough punch for the song.

Verdict: Ghibran turns full on commercial for Hyper and the album sounds bland without any of the composer's exquisite touches apart from occassional sparks in few songs.

My Rating:7/10

Pick of the Album: Naalo Nenenaa, Come back, Ompula Dhaniya