Friday, October 7, 2016

Music Review (Tamil): Kaashmora

Music Review (Tamil): Kaashmora
Music Composer: Santosh Narayanan

         Dhikku Dhikku sir may be Karthik's introduction song when going by the Lalithanand lyrics and the tune is pretty much substandard while the background is filled with rock elements dominated by live drums and guitar riffs layered with trumpets. Santosh Narayanan's vocal is unusual and though quirky enough, the song fails to hit the right chord among the listeners.Jagadhamma is an another unconventional song where Muthamil's lyrics are totally in contrast with the Santosh Narayanan's background arrangements.The song has an enticing mix in the background with angsty electronic beats with the tinge of rock flavor and the gloomy touch with the udukkai sounds mixed in the right proportion. Overall, the song generates a lot of curiosity mainly for its orchestration than as a tune. Ananthu's coarse vocals work to the song's favor.

        The soundtrack's enigmatic soundscape continues with Oyaa Oyaa, brilliant pleasing classical song where Santosh Narayanan's experimental sounds shine throughout this five-minute-long track. Kalpana Ragahvendar aces with her mellifluous vocals. However, the highlight of the track is undeniably Santosh Narayanan's arrangement featuring pleasing veena solos, intermittent synth background, and Mridangam added in a timely manner. Composer ends the track in high with the opera touch and strings reaching the crescendo.Thakida Thakida has an instantly catchy tune with the energetic rock arrangements and sung with enough verve by Saicharan while the title line by Santosh Narayanan is an instant catch hook. The guitar riffs and live drums throughout the track maintain the energy of the song from the start till end. and makes it the best song of the soundtrack.

Verdict: Kaashmora benefits from the mighty inventive arrangements from the composer and the tunes remain erratic being the minor grouse in an otherwise impressive show from the composer. The soundscape is more situational which may blend well with the movie rather than as the standalone songs.

My Rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: Thakida Thakida, Oyaa Oyaa, Jagadhamma

P.S You can listen to the songs in Saavn.