Friday, October 21, 2016

Music Review (Tamil): Bruce Lee

Music Review (Tamil): Bruce Lee
Music Composer: GV Prakash Kumar and Ganesh Sekar

Naan Thaan Goppanda composed by GV Prakash's assistant Ganesh Sekar and the trendy hip-hop beat along with the kids initial portion has an uncanny resemblance to Soulja Boy Tell'em - crank that.  M Reigo is fabulous with the rap portions while Arunraja Kamaraj aces with his energy as always. The base tune and rhythm rip off aside, Ganesh Sekar spruces up the song with techno kuthu in the mid-way.

Sugar Mintu-Kari comes off as a lively song especially for its jubilant horn sections and the jazz touches in the arrangements. GV Prakash exuberant vocals along with the breezy melodic twist by M M Mansi intermittently makes this one easily best one in the album in strictly comparative manner. The humming deserves special mention which entices the listener while Manikandan and Vairachandran penned easily accessible as well as at times an awry lyrics. Sumar Moonji Kumar composed by Ganesh Sekar is an another mediocre song from the composer and STR vocals comes off as a forced one and the singer tries hard to make the song work. The rhythm section and the arrangements are random sounds and overall turn out to be weak kuthu song where both vocals and music turns out to be a lackluster affair from the composer.

Verdict:  Short soundtrack rides on the GV Prakash's solo song and the album has punch only in the title of the tracklist not in the tunes.

My Rating: 6/10

Pick of the Album: Sugar Mintu-kari
P.S You can listen to the songs in Saavn.