Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Music Review (Tamil): Kathi Sandai

Music Review (Tamil): Kathi Sandai
Music Composer: Hip Hop Tamizha

In Naan Konjam Karuppu thaan, Hip Hop Tamizha's functional vocals aside, the composer's engaging arrangements filled with enjoyable middle-eastern tinge in the percussions and Nadhaswaram hooks especially towards the end keeps the track afloat. Composer builds the tune with the synthesised sounds base and the song work more for its arrangements than as a standalone tune. The title track has the pedestrian tune and the hackneyed techno sounds didn't elevate the song to any level. The stylish vocals of Hip Hop Tamizha and Sniggy unable to salvage this functional tune replete with the heard sounds.

Idhayam Idhayam fares better among the other vocal songs in the soundtrack and the composer brilliantly infuses Nadhaswaram hooks, trumpets and brief fabulous slide guitar solo towards the end. Khareesma Ravichandran sounds adequate as usual and the minor grouse being that rhythm dominating the vocals intermittently. Ellame Kaasu is another mediocre composition from Hip Hoop Tamizha where once again EDM sounds fall under the templatized pattern. The rap portions by Mark Antony also sounds underwhelming while the subtle enjoyable guitar strums are dominated by cacophonic sounds throughout the track. Hiphop Tamizha scores easily in the Kathi Sandai theme where catchy violin is followed by brilliant usage of the mandolin. Overall the arrangements are engaging with violin notes utilised in right places to create an engrossing effect for the theme.

Verdict: Passable soundtrack from Hip Hop Tamizha and composer needs to reinvent and broaden his musical horizons.

My Rating: 6.5/10

Pick of the Album: Kathi Sandai Theme,  Idhayam Idhayam