Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Music Review (Tamil): Kadavul Irukaan Kumaaru

Music Review (Tamil): Kadavul Irukaan Kumaaru
Music Composer: GV Prakash Kumar

Nee Pona Theruvula's strictly functional tune is mauled by the autotuned GV Prakash's vocals where MC Vickey and VishnuPriya pitches up with their brief vocal portions. The only highlight being the Kalyan and Sasi's solo violin in the second interlude and brief flute piece by Navin Iyer. Gum zaare is the typical GV Prakash Kumar foot tapping melody and the song is adequately listenable in the vocals of GV Prakash Kumar and Al Rufian. Malavika Sundar easily scores over the other two singers with the most enticing portions in the tune. The background rhythms are catchy and faux Hindustani elements easily segue into the base tune.

Hey Paathu Podi is another passable track which has nothing new to offer and the colloquial lyrics might entice for the first listen. However, the tune has very less shelf life and GV Prakash's vocals alone unable to elevate the song from mediocre level. Iravinil Aattam benefits from the classic Tamil song initial stanza and GV Prakash gives the haunt gloomy tone to the song. The arrangements are done pretty neat with grungy electric guitars by Keba Jeremiah and occasional Seenu's mandolin cues amidst the punchy percussions. Locality boys try hard to be foot tapping kuthu but turns out to be a dud with the melange of random sounds. Ken, Grace and Karunas maintain the energy throughout the track, however, the tune is banal and barely interesting.

Verdict: Kadavul Irukkaan Kumaaru joins in the list of insipid albums from GV Prakash Kumar and apart from occasional sparks in the album, the songs are tried and tested ones.

My Rating: 6/10

Pick of the Album: Gum Zaare, Iravinil Aattam, Nee Pona Theruvula