Saturday, December 3, 2016

Music Review (Tamil): Bogan

Music Review (Tamil): Bogan
Music Composer: Imman

Damaalu Dumeelu, foot tapping kuthu nevertheless mediocre one and lyrics bound to satiate the guilty pleasure of Kollywood's commercial hero fans. Maxwell's buoyant trumpet is the only enjoyable factor while Anirudh tries hard to maintain the energy of the song in tandem with the frenetic background. Senthoora benefits largely from the soprano vocal trained Luksimi Sivaneswaralingam's splendid vocals and Imman's typical busy rhythms in the background makes this one easily appealing one in the soundtrack. Lorne's bagpipes provide wonderful support in the interludes while Thamarai makes her presence with her poetic lyrics.

Kooduvittu Koodu's mystic tune is accentuated by the rustic vocals of Jyoti Nooran and although the English verses are the mediocre one, the vocals and easily accessible tune makes this one harmless listen. Nathan's woodwinds are easily catchy stuff while Arvindsamy gives ample support with his coarse vocals.Yaaro Yaro Avan is completely Vijay Prakash show and the man nails the classical-rock fusion in a splendid manner while every composer's favourite for rock fusion is Sitar and Kishore complements the Vijay Prakash's vocals with brief sitar solos, however, Keba Jeremiah's angsty electric guitar strums dominate the background. Vaarai Vaarai is another lovely composition from Imman and the seductive tune is delivered effectually by Shreya Goshal with her sensual vocals with another proficient singer Shankar Mahadevan. Imman throws the adequate elements in the background with Kishore's Sitar and restrained synth work by Rajan.Madhan Karky set the mood with his provocative lyrics.Senthooran's reprise version relies largely on the beautiful tune, however, Inno Genga's version doesn't match up to the versatility of the vocals in the original version. The minimal orchestration in the background works to the song's favour. Spooky Bogan Theme is a functional one and the track is hardly catchy even though the instrumental runs for around two minutes.

Verdict: Imman strikes a chord in yet another album and the songs lie in the comfortable zone of the composer. Imman delivers the songs which are in tandem with what one expects from the composer.

My Rating: 7.75/10

Pick of the Album: Senthoora, Vaarai Vaarai, Yaaro Yaro Avan