Friday, September 5, 2014

Recent Listens

Recent Listens:

  • Mahabalipuram(Tamil): Usure nee has a gorgeous tune sung impeccably by Shakthishree gopalan and Imman aided her well. Loved the whistle sound and violins in first and second interlude respectively. Aathadi yenna solla starts something like Onnum puriyala from Kumki with haricharan rendering the Ilayaraja'ish tune but true highlight of the song is brilliant violins which rules the song from start to end.Fabulous listen for the violin itself.
  • Meeghamaan (Tamil) :Yaen Ingu vandhai surprise from Thaman and beautifully sung by Pooja AV.
  • Mary Kom (Hindi): Energetic Ziddi Dil and Charao, a lullaby by Priyanka Chopra is an interesting listen.