Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Music Review (Tamil): Kootathil Oruthan

Music Review (Tamil): Kootathil Oruthan
Music Composer: Nivas K Prasanna

The highlight of Enda Ippadi is ever-young vocals of S P Bala Subrahmanyam and his voice modulations while Emcee Gonzales amped up the peppy tune with an amusing rap portions. Composer complements the Kabilan's lyrics with upbeat arrangements with splendid work from Keba Jeremiah's guitar and Thirumoorthy's Nadaswaram. Nee Indri is a pleasant melody and the composer's tidy arrangements bring out the beauty of the melody effectually well. M M Manasi sounds adequate while Navin Iyer's flute and upbeat guitar work in the first and second interlude is the standout in this breezy track from the composer.

Innum Enna Solla has the melange of instrument mix from the trippy string sections in the prelude, soothing flute and grand piano setting amidst the upbeat trumpet work from Babu. However, the song ends up being an incongruous mix of musical elements and the tune has resemblances from the composer's earlier works. Haricharan easily breezes through the tune with enough support from Mac. Or Naal Kadhal rides mainly on the Satyaprakash's effectual vocals and the composer compliments the tune with minimal orchestrations dominated by grand piano and string sections. Composer segues beautifully Enda ippadi into this short track. Maatrangal Ondre Dhaan is pretty engaging thanks to the Goan flavoured percussions and Seenu's enjoyable mandolin strums. Though the tune is not great as a standalone one, there are more awesomeness happening in the background while the composer did a neat job behind the mic and the composer gives rousing ending in line with the optimistic lyrics of Kabilan with bell sounds towards the end. The one theme is an effectual one although the theme lasts for just one minute, Nivas packed the instrumental with an arresting string section reaching crescendo towards the end and lilting flute. The happiness of pursuit is an another gracefully made instrumental track and the blissful instrumental sounds splendid with Rajesh Vaidhya's veena accompanied by grand piano and string sections. The mesmerising flute section is an additional asset to this beautifully done instrumental work from Nivas K Prasanna.

Verdict: Nivas K Prasanna dropped in another wonderful album with the right mix of melodies and trendy songs in the composer's style. The instrumental tracks by the composer is an undeniable highlight in the album.

My Rating:  8/10

Pick of the Album: The happiness of Pursuit, Enda ippadi, Maatrangal Ondre dhaan,  Nee Indri