Saturday, March 18, 2017

Music Review (Telugu): Guru

Music Review (Telugu): Guru
Music Composer: Santosh Narayanan

The best song in the Tamil album returns in the form of O Sakkonoda and Dhee renders the Telugu version of the song while the splendid violin and flute combination makes this one the best song in Telugu album also. Ramajogayya Sastry did the brilliant work with the lyrics which fits the tune perfectly, However, Dhee's restrained vocals for the Telugu version being the only minor grouse. Santosh Narayanan's Guru has one extra song (Jigidi)compared to Hindi and Telugu versions to cater for the mass audience and fans of Venkatesh. Venkatesh sounds adequate behind the mic and the Venkatesh name in the credit is enough for the fans to go crazy while the tune is staid and monotonous one, Santhosh Narayanan spruced up the proceedings in the background with snazzy foot tapping Jazz tinged sounds.

Ukku Naram sounds fantastic for its rock flavored backgrounds and delivered ably by Siddharth Mahadevan and this one adds to his long list of rock based songs. The track's undeniable highlight is Santosh Narayanan's arrangements and the 'ta na ta na' hook is incredibly catchy which makes this song enjoyable till it lasts.Ey Mathaabey is an another song where Santosh Narayanan able to maintain his quirky nature of the tune as well as make the song appealing to listeners. Though Ananthu's sounds apt, the percussions sound more relatable to Tamil than Telugu, however the engaging attempt at the fusion of blues sound to Kuthu deserves special mention.Ne Zara is the most generic tune in the album and the track is made more lively by the enthusiastic vocals of Siddharth Mahadevan. However, the tune sounds monotonous and backgrounds also fail to entice the listeners.
Dhee returns back in Gundelothulalo and the affecting tune by Santosh Narayanan is handled well by the singer. The atmospheric sounds with the minimal arrangements accentuate the beauty of Ramajogayya Sastry's lyrics. The exceptional usage of violins and key remains the towering highlight in this melodious song of the album.

Verdict: Though Santosh Narayanan's debut Telugu work Billa Ranga,  receives less traction in the Tollywood Industry, Guru has all elements to bring the talented composer in the limelight.

My Rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: O Sakkonoda, Ukku Naram, Gundelothulalo