Sunday, March 26, 2017

Music Review: Baahubali- The conclusion

Music Review: Baahubali- The conclusion
Music Composer: M M Keeravani

Saahore Baahubali sounds generic and flashing grandeur both in orchestration and thumping vocals of Daler Mehendi while the song's highlight is the employment of moving violin solos and Mounima's affecting rendition. Shiva Shakthi Datta's lyrics gels well with the overall tone of the song. However, the song has little scope for pushing the boundaries.Hamsa Naava is a soothing melody benefit largely from Sony and Deepu's fantastic singing while Keeravani's consistent grand percussions and strings ably support the song till the end. The humming portions are employed brilliantly evocating the memories of 90's songs while Chaitanya Prasad's simple lyrics sounds apt for this pleasant melody.

Kannaa Nidurinchira is a semi-classical composition but not an arresting one and also not a bad one either. Keervani throws few enticing arrangements especially with veena and flute while Srinidhi and V soumiya's sargams are delight to listen. However, the classical factor in the song is diluted and it carries more cinematic aura around it especially the infusion of percussions. Dandaalayya carries the Baahubali, the Beginning's  thumping string sections effectively and the song sounds more like the background material. The lyrics by M M Keeravani praising the glory of Baahubali and Kaala Bhairava sounds apt with respect to the vocals.Oka Pranaam is an another thematic based track and Keeravani's lyrics revolved around Kattappa while Kaala Bhairava carries the song confidently. However, the soundscape is monotonous filled with string sections and thumping percussions.

Verdict: M M Keeravani kept the soundtrack of second part short and although the soundscape matches the grandeur of Rajamouli's visuals, the first part has lot more diverse tunes compared to second outing.

My Rating:7/10

Pick of the Album: Hamsa Naava, Kannaa Nidurinchira