Friday, March 24, 2017

Music Review(Tamil): Veera

Music Review(Tamil): Veera
Music Composer: Leon James

Ootaanda Soltuva carries the generic kuthu tune vibe spruced up by synthesized beats throughout the song and Leon James's vocals though not suited for the full-fledged raw tune, he carries the song adequately. Though the tune staggers around the mediocre level, the beats are foot tapping and engaging till it lasts.Verattama Veratturiye breezy melody where Sid Sriram shines with his vocals and the singer sails through the high pitch portions at ease while Leon throws out soothing sounds generously especially blissful flute portions in the interludes. Neeti Mohan, adequately supports Sid Sriram with her fine vocals.

Mama Mama Mayangadhe, galore with a melange of enticing sounds from Nadhaswaram to saxophone and foot tapping synth beats layered throughout the song. Anthony Daasan's idiosyncratic vocals come off as an another exciting element in the song. Though the tune is not great, the song is worthy listen for its exciting and congruous sound mixing.Pogaadhe Kanmaniye rides mainly on the lead singer Pradeep Kumar's vocals and the improvisations in the folk-tinged song is awesome while Leon James kept the arrangements simple and clean, allowing the singer to take the front stage. The chorus portions are adequately catchy and segue into the song without any hindrance.Nijaaru Usaaru is another generic rock-based arrangements where insipid tune didn't help much to the song, However Leon made the interludes interesting with an engaging usage of a wind instrument. Overall, this is the least interesting song in the soundtrack where both vocals and tune are let down except for the few sounds in the interludes.

Verdict: Leon James dropped his third album with the promising set of tracks and the album has the right mix of engaging melodies and mass numbers.

My Rating:7.5/10

Pick of the Album: Verattama Veratturiye, Pogaadhe Kanmaniye, Mama Mama Mayangaadhe.