Thursday, March 30, 2017

Music Review (Tamil): Kadamban

Music Review (Tamil): Kadamban
Music Composer: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Uchimalai Azhagu is where Yuvan meets Imman territory, full-fledged folk tune with punchy percussions where Mukesh's rustic vocals bring life to a song. However, the tune as a standalone is not great and also hardly engaging while Yugabharathi's lyrics sounds apt and Mukesh sounds a lot like Yuvan in high pitch portions nevertheless fine work by the singer. Otha Paarvaiyil is an engaging melody mauled by Yuvan's singing while Mathumitha makes up for the minor grouses in an effective manner. The tune is typical Yuvan styled one while the guitar-laden interludes are impressive and clasp the listener's attention till the song lasts.

Saama Kodangi is a passable folk based song with lackluster tune where the arrangements are mildly interesting with the usage of harmonium whereas both tune and other elements are staid at best. Velmurugan and Anitha infuse energy but their standout vocals alone can't make up for the languishing tune.Aagatha Kaalam sounds better with Ananthu's earnest rendition and Yugabharathi's affecting lyrics stand out while Yuvan kept the arrangements minimal with an impressive usage of strings and mandolin.Though the droning tune for the melancholy sounds tepid, Ananthu's rendition easily overcomes all the minor grouses.Ilaratham Soodera, optimistic song rides mainly on Yugabharathi's lyrics and once again passable tune makes this one another bummer in the soundtrack. The only portions where Yuvan scores is in the interludes and slightly better charanam portions in the tune. MLR Karthikeyan sounds apt and brings a lot of energy required for the song of this genre.

Verdict: Yuvan Shankar Raja's Kadamban soundtrack is passable one with hardly any sparks even though the genre/plot promises a lot of experimentation.

My Rating: 6/10

Pick of the Album: Otha Paarvayil, Aagatha Kaalam