Saturday, April 8, 2017

Music Review (Hindi): Begum Jaan

Music Review (Hindi): Begum Jaan
Music Composer: Anu Malik

Prem Mein Tohre starts with serene sound and Asha Bhosle's vocals transcend the listener to the tranquil world accompanied by splendid usage of resonating santoor strains which makes the listener yearn for the sounds for some more time. Apart from the splendid usage of Shehnai, Aazaadiyaan comes off as a tedious listen while even veteran Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Sonu Nigam also unable to make this one interesting piece and moreover the song is six and half minutes long. O Re Kahoro's brooding flute piece and Kalpana Patowary's effectual rendition makes this one worthy listen, however as a standalone song, the track has a very passable tune. Anu Malik loosens up the soundscape with the celebratory piece Holi Khelein where Shreya Goshal's superlative vocals being the only element to celebrate. The soundtrack's best Prem Mein Tohre returns with its reprise versions where Kavitha Seth accentuates the divine beauty of the song with her earnest rendition.

Verdict: Average soundtrack from Anu Malik where the lackluster tunes are infused with life by the superlative singers. Really miss the Moh Moh Ke Daage level track from the composer.

My Rating:7/10

Pick of the Album: Prem Mein Tohre, O Re Kahoro