Friday, April 1, 2016

Music Review(Telugu): Sarrainodu

Music Review(Telugu): Sarrainodu
Music Composer: S S Thaman

Athiloko Sundari, energetic percussion laden track starts off with the conventional chorus and rides mainly on the Vishal Dadlani and Karthik's fantastic vocals. Ramajogayya Sastry lyrics describing the beauty of the female lead and an easily likeable orchestration flow makes this one fun listen in the album till it lasts although the tune bears the shades of Thaman's earlier compositions. Thaman's obsession with autotuning and digitisation of the vocals continue in you are my MLA and Dhanunjay's processed vocals for the laid back tune irks a lot. However, the song's sing-along tune and breezy Kiran kumar's flute portion in the second interlude makes this one enjoyable if one don't get cheesed off with the processed vocals of the lead singer.

Private Party ticks off every requirement needed for the EDM track and the track ends up being an insipid one filled with wonted sound cues throughout the track. M C Vickey and Manasi MM tries to infuse curiosity with their energetic vocals but still the song ends up being the routine party track which requires visuals to make this one enticing.Blockbuster has an infectious foot tapping punchy beats in the background while Shreya Goshal's sensual vocals along with Nakash Aziz's raw vocals behind the mic works to the song's favour. Overall the song ends up being the highly enjoyable treat for the mass fans.Thaman makes sure that each album has one highly ear pleasing melody and in Sarrainodu it's Telusa Telusa where Gayathri's veena  standout amidst the synth elements in the arrangements front. Thaman roped in another proficient bollywood singer Zubin Nautiyal accompanied by Sammeera Bharadwaj to croon the song and both did fantastic job in rendering this beautiful tune.The title track is an another high octane song where Punjabi Dols and Dhandia mixed with Andhra's local kuthu with bunch of singers from Bollywood leaded by Hard kaur, Banno fame Brijesh Shadilya and Sonu Kakkar. The singers tried to bring out the best from the weary tune, however the song suffers from the routine orchestration. Hope visuals will make the song look enticing.

Verdict: Thaman's highly anticipated album features an easily likeable set of songs and also it's high time that Thaman should explore genres apart from the soundscape one can associate with the composer.

My rating:7.5/10 

Pick of the Album: Telusa Telusa, Athiloko Sundari, Blockbuster

You can listen to the songs in Saavn.