Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Music Review (Hindi): Qaidi Band

Music Review (Hindi): Qaidi Band
Music Composer: Amit Trivedi

Qaidi band soundtrack features two singers, Arijit Singh and Yashita Sharma as the film is about the band in the prison where the protagonists are leading vocals for the band. Arijit sounds quite different from his usual tone in most of the songs. 

       For the track titled I am India, the song sounds least patriotic and more of the celebratory festival music with the thumping percussions. However, the track is barely interesting one and even the title hook is also not a catchy stuff from the composer. The escape version sounds much better comparatively, mainly because of the harmonium and the consistent engaging background. Hulchul is the typical rock stuff from the composer with snazzy guitar strums in the interludes makes it an interesting listen despite treading on the familiar path of the composer. 

       Phir Nayi has an endearing melody sung by Yashita Sharma effectually while Amit layers the soft rock sound with a mesmerising flute solo and other sounds. Junooni lacks an arresting melody and soundscape becomes weary after initial few minutes. Udanchoo starts off in an interesting manner and the tune's intermittent surprises make this one an engaging listen. The arrangements are dominated by rock drums but with I'm India's flute version employed brilliantly along with the pleasant percussion sounds amidst the live drums. Apart from the deftly done bass line, Jag Mag has little to offer and the rap portions also come off as a pedestrian one. Poshampa is next to I'm India where Arijit's vocal is in another extreme from his usual tone and the track has nifty guitar strums backed by retro bass sounds. The highly energetic soundscape makes this one an enjoyable song in the soundtrack. The reprise version of Phir Nayi is also adequately engaging one, Thanks to Yashita's vocals and thumping march past rhythm in the background.

Verdict: Definitely not the composer's best despite the movie has the core theme as music and also not the bad one though. The album suffers mainly from the familiar Amit Trivedi's signature sounds in some of the songs.

My Rating: 8/10

Pick of the album: Phir Nayi/Phir wahi, Udanchoo, Poshampa

You can listen to the songs in Saavn.