Monday, July 10, 2017

Music Review (Telugu): Fidaa

Music Review (Telugu): Fidaa
Music Composer: Shakthikanth Karthick

Vachinde is a delightful celebratory song delivered by Madhu Priya's squeaky vocals and supported by Ramky's terse verse. However, Shakthikanth Karthick props up the song with the Kishore's Sitar and Biju's harmonium serves as a wonderful rhythm which sets the mood of the song. Suddala Ashok Teja's colloquial banter lyrics gels well with the tone of the song. Edho Jaruguthundhi is the standard English Pop material dominated by the synth elements by Santosh and the tune is pleasant and also very templatized one carried effortlessly by Aravind Srinivas and Renuka. One wishes that tune could have been better rather than following the well-trodden path. Shakthikanth shines in the native folk song Hey Pillagaada, penned by Vanamali and the prelude easily entice the interest of the listeners while the composer's interesting usage of Shyam Ravishankar's violin and Shruthiraj's Khanjira and Percussion adds the flavour to Vanamali's lyrics. The song ends with the brilliant solo show by violinist Shyam while Sindhuri's effortless vocals add charm to the song.

Oosupodu's melancholy-drenched tune is salvaged by wonderful arrangements especially the way Babu's trumpet and wonderful bass line by Keith Peters accompanied by Navin Iyer's flute. Hemachandra tries hard and able to sail through the tune well. 24 Violin's strings background makes this song enjoyable till it lasts.Hey Mister, once again falls into the zone of tried and tested tune, however, the song is adequately enjoyable, Thanks to the Martin's Saxophone and the catchy title hook. MC Chetan's rap portions blend smoothly with the Deepak's vocals. Fidaa is an another pleasant melody and though nothing extraordinary in terms of tune and the arrangements also, the track is adequately listenable till it lasts. Hemachandra and Malavika sound adequate enough to keep the song afloat. The composer effectively blends Hey Pillagada sound cue towards the end of the song. One wishes that Babu's banjo could have been used extensively and it would have made song more interesting one.

Verdict: Sekhar Kammula's music sense continues to be winsome one irrespective of the composer and Shakthikanth Karthick strikes in his sophomore soundtrack confidently.

My Rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: Hey Pillagaada, Vachinde, Oosupodu

P.S: Updated to Above Average album as totally hooked into recos.