Monday, July 17, 2017

Music Review (Telugu): Goutham Nanda

Music Review (Telugu): Goutham Nanda
Music Composer: Thaman

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is a tedious listen and the templatized techno sounds from Thaman makes it hard to listen while 6 minutes duration of the song augments the boredom further. NSK Ramya's vocal brings the little respite while mangling of Yazin Nizar's vocals with processing continues with this track also.Black and white is another painful listen where Thaman reused the background rhythm from his selfie song in Kannada movie Jaguar. Divya Kumar's contrasting vocals being the only highlight in this pedestrian song where the familiar tune doesn't help the song either.

Basthi Dorasani starts off surprisingly well but soon spiralled downwards into the typical Telugu commercial song where the catchy hook is the rehash of Gandi baat. Nakash Aziz who is regular in Telugu songs these days salvage this song to some extent and Ramajoggaya Sastry's lyrics standard also dives deep along with Thaman's music.Bole Ram Bole Ram saves this soundtrack and credits to enjoyable pleasant melody with the flavour of Nuvve Nuvve from Kick 2 while the soundscape also follows the same song. However, the track is immensely enjoyable when compared to other tracks in the album while Ramachandra Murthy's flute and Chennai Strings Orchestra's violin in the interludes are the mesmerising stuff. Srikrishna and ML Sruthi breezes through the melody effortlessly. Theme of Goutham Nanda has nothing extraordinary to offer except for the deft usage of Kebab's guitar and the track may work well with the visuals rather than as a standalone track.

Verdict: Goutham Nanda is another forgettable commercial soundtrack filled with Thaman's templatized sounds and the rehash of his own tunes.

My Rating: 5/10

Pick of the Album: Bole Ram Bole Ram