Monday, August 7, 2017

Music Review (Tamil): Vivegam

Music Review (Tamil): Vivegam
Music Composer: Anirudh

Anirudh makes sure that nothing goes wrong in survival with the fantastic rhythm in the background along with the upbeat synth sounds makes this one stupendously engaging one. It's a delight to listen to the rap by Yogi B after the hiatus while Anirudh easily throws the catchy la la hook and croons the song effectually. Thalai Vidudhalai starts with the optimistic dialogue by Ajith and followed by kickass heavy metal track crooned with the thumping powerhouse vocals of Anirudh and Agam band fame Harish Swaminathan. Anirudh brilliantly filled the interludes with screeching guitars and live drums while Siva's motivational lyrics is in tandem with the tone of the song.

Kadhalaada is the soundtrack's best and Anirudh's stellar arrangements especially the lovely violin solos accompanied by the mesmerizing Shashaa Tirupati while Pradeep Kumar does a commendable job and the singer is in stellar form with recent songs crooned by him with such a panache. Composer ends the track with the splendid Konnakol and violin solo. Veriyera is an another power packed rock track rides mainly on the splendid rendition by M M Manasi with adequate support from Poorvi and the tune is an average one while the arrangements stick to the genre of the song. Never give up is another stylishly made soundtrack with the loung'ish feels in the arrangements which work to its favour while Raja Kumari easily sails through the track. The interludes are an aural treat especially the second interlude and the gentle rhythm gels well with the vocals of Raja Kumari. The soundtrack's best Kadhalaada comes as reprise version and the beautiful melody is accentuated further by the slew of instruments from gentle piano to engaging violin towards the end. Though the track is short, the innate beauty of the tune makes this version also an immensely enjoyable. Anirudh ends the soundtrack with the theme track with the grungy rock base mixed with the stupendously minimal plucked strings and the track is sure to gel well with visuals. 

Verdict: Anirudh delivered the stylish engaging album for Ajith and the composer's experimentation continues to work as his recent albums.

My Rating: 7.5/10

Pick of the Album: Kaadhalaada, Thalai Viduthalai, Survival

P.S You can listen to the songs in Saavn.