Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Music Review (Telugu): Jaya Janaki Nayaka

Music Review (Telugu): Jaya Janaki Nayaka
Music Composer: DeviSri Prasad

Andhamaina Seetakoka Chiluka is the short neatly done track with great support from Keba Jeremiah's frenzy electric guitar and Chennai strings orchestra while the tune wise is a familiar. Sooraj Santosh's Vocals has been underutilized in this short passable track. Let's Party all night is the typical techno sound dominated track which has tried and tested feel written all over it from the moment Prudhvi Chandra's processed vocals throws at the listener. The tune has Devi Sri Prasad stamp and M M Manasi's vocals offer a brief respite in a hugely mediocre soundtrack. The mangling of folk song in the second half is an another irksome part in this track.Rangu Rangu Kallachodu is directly lifted from the DSP's stock tunes and the track's rhythm has heavy Deja Vu feel. Hemachandra and Shravana Bhargavi ups the ante of the languishing soundtrack with their energetic rendition. However, the song ends up being the passable wearisome listen in the album. 

Nuvvelle gains lot from the Swetha Mohan's pleasant vocals and DSP's engaging arrangements especially Saroja's Dilruba is employed brilliantly throughout the soundtrack. The tune reminds of the DSP's earlier Telugu hey-day and the track is an engaging listen till it lasts Thanks to the lead singer.Just Chill boss is another grossly underwhelming track where the staid techno rhythms by Kalyan makes the listeners yawn while M M Manasi tries hard to make the song enticing one but the pedestrian tune and arrangements doesn't help in any manner. Veede Veede's tune reminds of the umpteen number of Kailash Kher and DSP tracks and consistently the singer is pigeon-holed to the tracks of this kind. The arrangements offer nothing new and the track is not a bad one as well as not an enjoyable track either except for the brilliant solo violin by Balaji intermittently. DSP tries to revive Kevvu Keka magic in A for Apple with the same singer Mamta Sharma and with the slightly tweaked tune backed by the similar rhythm structure. One can switch back to enjoyable original version itself, rather than this slightly altered version and it's very baffling whether director wants these type of songs or DSP itself attempting these things.

Verdict: Jaya Janaki Nayaka is nothing but bunch of rehashed DSP's stock tunes and also those are done in an uninteresting manner.

My Rating: 5/10

Pick of the Album: Nuvvelle. Andhamaina Seetakoka