Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Music Review (Telugu): Yuddham Sharanam

Music Review (Telugu): Yuddham Sharanam
Music Composer: Vivek Sagar

Yelugula Teraley's folksy tune is accentuated by poetical verses by Kittu Visapragada and Shakthishree Gopalan nails the song with her whispery vocals, given that the tune is tailor made for the singer's vocals. Vivek Sagar's embellishes the dreamy tune with Pramod Umapathi's mellifluous flute solos and ambient atmosphere in the backgrounds while the rhythm sound cues are done brilliantly.Neevalaney also features exquisitely done arrangements backed by the stupendous Karthik's rendition. Vivek Sagar builds up the typical English pop title hook from the semi classical base melody, however, the highlight of the tune is Tejas Mallella's classical violin solos and beautifully employed Phani Teja's carnatic synth in the background.

Tracey Thorton is the brilliant find by Vivek Sagar and she totally holds Adedo Maayalley, the Jazz based song with the right swag. Vivek Sagar's beautiful waltz arrangements are enhanced by Abhijit Gurjale's violin and George Hull's Saxophone cues make this one easily pick of the album. Pranav Chaganty's lyrics in Padmavyuham is subdued behind the atmospheric soundscape provided by Vivek Sagar, but that doesn't hinder the listening experience. Composer's rock base is highly effectual and the foot tapping programming accompanied by Sanjay Das's live drums combines together and makes this one heady listen. Nikhita Gandhi totally owns the vocals portion with her energetic rendition.The album's towering highlight is undeniably Enno Enno Baavaley, semi classical melody by Pradeep Kumar and the singer gets to croon some of the best songs across Tamil and Telugu this year. Vivek Sagar backs the enjoyable melody with the pleasant arrangements especially Aslam Khan's sarangi and wonderful bass line by Varun Venugopal.Vivek Sagar ends the soundtrack with an energetic arresting title track and the background oozes out enormous energy with enticing synth sounds. Shivam and Kaala Bhairava sounds apt for this high octane track while the track may get traction along with exciting visuals.

Verdict: Vivek Sagar strikes a chord with a refreshing music for his big outing and joins the list of exciting music composers of Telugu film industry.

My Rating: 8.5/10

Verdict: Enno Enno Baavaley, Adedo Maayalley, Neevalaney

P.S You can listen to the songs in Saavn.