Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Music Review: Nanbenda

Music Review: Nanbenda
Music Composer : Harris Jayaraj

          Dappankuthu Mettula, has undeniable Aathangara Orathula flavour mainly because of Gaana Bala vocals spruced up by Ujjainee Roy rendition. Tune is a tepid effort from Harris which ends abruptly however composer nails the interludes mixing the electronic sounds with thavil. In Enai marubadi Enai marubadi, Harris went back to his templatized tune arranged with his stock of beats and prolific Vijayprakash behind the mic to save the languishing tune. Nee Sunno Nee Moono, though tune is again similar to his previous tracks, Andrea Jeremiah and Richard's vocals add enough punch to make this song works. Brass section and strings(banjo or mandolin?) in the second interlude is exceptional. Neerambal Poove, short sweet track relies mainly on Arjun Menon vocals meanders into mediocre rap in the middle by MC Vikey.  Thamarai makes her presence in the soundtrack with her unique choice of words. Oorellam Unnai Kandu is an instant winner in the soundtrack with its enchanting chorus portion followed by Unni Krishnan's and Bombay Jayashree's effortless rendition ably supported by Vairamuthu's lyrics. Harris too complements the carnatic raaga based tune with brilliant orchestration and arrangements. Thaene Thaene Sendhene, breezy melody in Haricharan's voice has Harris Jayaraj stamp all over the song from arrangements, flow of tune beats and everything. Overall passable sombre track.

Verdict: Harris mired himself with his templatized sounds and resists from coming out of his comfy zone. I think music charts and radio play will portray different picture as usual.

My rating:7/10

Pick of the Album: Oorellam Unnai Kandu, Neerambal Poove, Nee Sunno Nee Moono