Sunday, December 28, 2014

Music Review (Tamil) : Aambala

Music Review (Tamil) : Aambala
Music Composer: Hip Hop Tamizha

        Hip Hop Tamizha's ebullient rendition is endorsed by accordion bits, engaging guitar strummings, foot tapping drums and not to forget brass sections in  Aye Aye. The sounds around Aye Aye hook is interesting though. Overall Aadhi opens the album in his own style. Madras to Madurai apart from the smartly done mixing and Kuthu beats, the interlude is closely similar to one of the nedunchalai song and also tune is monotonous. However rendition by lead singers (Kailash Kher and Vishnu priya) and punchy EDM makes one to shake along with the tune shrouding those glitches. Another EDM number Pazhagikalam seems to be an overdose for a soundtrack, however as a separate track, Hip Hop Tamizha totally owns this song with his energetic rendition and thumping electronic sounds. Expected Album will be full of EDM and party numbers but to the surprise Aadhi gave much needed digression to the soundtrack through next two songs. Vaa Vaa Vennila, has coolness written all over it, Vocals by Mohit Chauhan, and Amrita or background beats, or uber cool electric guitar usage adorns the overall song well. Another track which enhances the overall album is Yaar Enna Sonnalum, brilliant concoction of Strings and other assorted sounds dominated by pounding beats at the background ably supported by Kutle Khan, Anthony Dasan and Varun.

Verdict: Overall engaging film debut by Aadhi (Hip Hop Tamizha)

My rating:7.25/10

Pick of the Album: Yaar Enna Sonnalum, Vaa Vaa Vennila, Aye Aye