Friday, December 5, 2014

Music Review (Telugu) : Mukunda

Music Review (Telugu) : Mukunda
Music Composer: Mickey J Meyer

Chesededo with its inspiring optimistic lyrics by sirivennela is an exuberant anthemic tune orchestrated within the realm of rock genre. Vocals portions handed over to Rahul Nambiar who renders with sufficent verve however tune evokes memories of similar type of compositions by Rahul raj in other telugu movies. Daredumdadum has simple tune with interesting title hook interspersed with captivating orchestration especially flute in the second interlude. The vocal processing in Mickey J meyer voice let down the fun at some places but compensated by female lead Sai Shivani. Chala Bagundhi, soothing sing along tune mixed with brilliant guitar riffs in tandem with the tune. Haricharan adds another song to his splendid 2014 repertoire with chala Bagundhi and Mickey infuses contrasting sounds in the interludes which gels considerably well with tune. Mickey J Meyer ropes ever reliable Chitra for the sweet enjoyable  track Gopikamma and same combo gave last year Seethamma vaakitlo title song however duo unable to repeat the magic this time. Song beats also reminiscent of SVSC song. Arere Chandrakala, peppy romantic foot tapping number sung well by Karthik and Sai Shivani and song maintains the momentum from start till end. Thanks to the foot tapping beats. Expectations rise when one sees swetha pandit - Mickey J Meyer combo and in Mukunda too combo delivers lovable melody. (still Nenani Neevani from Kotha bangaru Lokam is best). Shwetha pandit sounds sweet in this serene melody Nandalala and arrangements by Mickey too quite enticing complements well with vocals. The theme instrumental is energetic which is quite contrast with the mood of the album but ends abruptly without creating much impact.

Verdict: Mickey J Meyer delivers another best album which is high on feel good quotient in his usual way for Srikanth Addala.

My rating:7.5/10

Pick of the Album: Nandala, Chala Bagundhi, Daredumdadum