Thursday, December 18, 2014

Music Review (Tamil) : Idam Porul Eval

Music Review (Tamil) : Idam Porul Eval
Music Composer: Yuvan Shankar Raja        

       Athuvana Kaattuku, stellar opener for the album in the vocals of Yuvan shankar raja. His rendition cum orchestration especially gloomy guitar riffs and drums is tandem with the mood of the song. Lyrics by Vairamuthu is again top notch as in other Seenu Ramasamy movies which are quite thoughtful. Eerakaathe, with eclectic mix of intriguing sounds from the song start, occasional whistling, tribal humming blends  and understated strings in the background blends perfectly well. In addition to that Sendhidass rustic vocals complemented by playful tone of Anitha makes this song another winner in that soundtrack. 
        Athuvana Kaattuku came in another form as Endha Vazhi with different lyrics and Yuvan slightly modified orchestration in certain postions but mood of the song is intact in this version also. Vaikom Vijayalakshmi's vocals apt for this song and she hardly fails to deliver these genre. Kondaatamae, another melody despite sincere rendition by Sriram Parthasarathy and interesting interludes (especially second one with flute and melodica?), tune fails to enchant the listeners for five minutes. Kurunthogai, in the pitch perfect vocals of V V prasanna and Sonia, is enticing in many aspects be the lyrics (vairamuthu nails this one with many tamil literature names and poets) or interesting sounds in the prelude and interludes.Vaiyambatti, another tailor made folk song for Anthony dasan and Priyadarshini, once again yuvan's arrangement and instrument sounds stands apart in an otherwise standard tune.

Verdict: Yuvan's most captivating album after Moondru Per Moondru Kadhal, Seenu Ramasamy's musical sense along with Vairamuthu's lyrics makes this album best album for yuvan after series of debacles.

My rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: Athuvana Kaattuku, Kurunthogai, Eerakaathe