Friday, October 16, 2015

Music Review (Tamil): Vedhalam

Music Review (Tamil): Vedhalam
Music Composer: Anirudh

       Veera Vinayaka's tune falls under the familiar template of devotional song and Anirudh tried to spruce up with effective electric guitars and other trance elements to turn into a power packed song. Overall the song ends as a passable one  because of tepid and flat tune. Anirudh and Vishal Dadlani infused much energy into the song although their vocals are indiscernible. Anirudh brings in two vocal talents Shakthishree Gopalan and Shruthi Hassan to render an EDM track Don't you mess with me where arrangements are confined to typical hip-hop and dance tracks. Shruthi Haasan's rendition is a major asset in an otherwise conventional song and she brings out the attitude well which matches well with the arrangements.

        Anirudh scores comparatively well  in Uyir Nadhi Kalangudhe, a pensive pathos song worded by Viveka and mainly classical-rock fusion work much better with engaging Veena led first interlude. Ravishankar along with chorus did quite well with the rendition of the poignant tune. Aaluma Doluma is a typical local Kuthu where Anirudh mixes electronic sounds in the middle and roped Baadshah to render few  which didn't elevate the song to any level. Apart from Rokesh's lyrics, there are very few interesting elements in this much-touted song. Ajith Screen presence may give an essential drive to make this one chartbuster. The theri theme has an enticing house mix and pulsating sequencing but lacks an instant catchy factor necessary for the theme tracks. The electronic sounds laden theme track may work well with visuals but not as a standalone theme track.

Verdict: After an impressive Naanum Rowdy Than, Anirudh got mired into once again an unimpressive set of tunes with occasional highs in terms of orchestration. Overall, songs didn't match the level of expectations from the composer.

My rating: 6/10

Pick of the Album: Uyir Nadhi Kalangudhe, Don't you mess with me