Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Music Review (Telugu): Brucelee The fighter

Music Review (Telugu): Brucelee The fighter
Music Composer: Thaman
     In the album's opening number Run, repleted with Thaman's usual percussion dominated background rhythms and mainly treads on the energetic vocals of Super Singer fame Saisharan and Nivaz. Tune wise, Thaman kept it simple and chorus portions have the whiff of Thaman's previous songs. Srimani vocals about the positive attitude may go well  with the dance movements of Ramcharan. In Ria, Thaman tried Hip-Hop genre laden with electronic sequencing sounds while flute section in the middle deserves special mention. Another major highlight of the song is Rabbit mac's catchy, peppy rap portions. Deepak manages to prop up this assorted packaged song with his earnest rendition.

          In Kungfu Kumari, Thaman once again tried to play it very safe with his stock tune and Deepak, Ramya Behera's autotuned vocals too didn't help this song much. Rama Jogaiya Sastry incorporated 'Mega' in the lyrics which are surely enough for the fans to go frenzy over this song. Overall this one is heavily humdrum track from Thaman. Thaman makes sure that at least one song in his album is likable and in this also, Le chalo is easily best compared to the other songs in the album. The visual of this song is already the rage in online among the Ram Charan fans for his dance movements. Thaman arrangements with mild percussion in the second interlude along with sax gels well with this breezy number. Megha and Thaman have done their best in the vocals part. Title song is out and out mass number which will surely please the particular section of the audiences but for normal listeners, this one is a drab apart from few highlights with synthesized sounds and second interlude. Tune and rhythm pattern is tried and tested umpteen times.Sameera Bharadwaj and Simha done justice with their rendition for this energetic number.

Verdict: Thaman tried to play it safe throughout the album and both Sreenu Vaitla and composer sticks to their comfort zone. Overall Brucelee songs heavily depend on the visuals and Ramcharan factor to make it chartbusters.Dookudu remains the best from this combo.

My rating: 6.5/10

Pick of the Album: Le Chalo, Ria, Run

You can listen to the songs here.

P.S. Edited version of the review is available here.