Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Music Review (Malayalam): Rani Padmini

Music Review (Malayalam): Rani Padmini
Music Composer: Bijibal

Varu Pokkam Parakkum has the minimal piano base and the tune is enhanced by the appealing vocals of kids Shwetha Menon, Devadutt and Lola. Apart from the lovely piano, Bijibal's brilliant flute usage and ambient sounds stands apart in this pleasant composition. Oru Makaranilavay, pleasant melody rides mainly on the earnest rendition of Chitra Arun while Bijibal spruces up the tune with occasional haunting sitar notes and mesmerising flute and string portions.  Puthu Puthu, out and out retro styled Tamil track rendered by Soumya Ramakrishnan and the song is not appealing compared to other ones mainly due to pretty much standard arrangements and tune. Mizhimalarukal is the best in the album mainly due to tribal ambient atmosphere created by Bijibal and Sayonara's breezy whispery rendition which complements the arrangements well. Once again Bijibal mastered the usage of flute and string sections to set the mood for this expansive song.

Verdict: Bijibal is on a roll this year and Rani Padmini is no exception. Short captivating melodious numbers from the composer.

My rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: Mizhimalarukal, Varu Pokkam Parakkum, Oru Makaranilavay

You can listen to the songs here.