Friday, October 30, 2015

Music Review(Tamil): 144

Music Review(Tamil): 144
Music Composer: Sean Roldan

         In Vinai Theerkum Pillayada, Sean Roldan mixes the enticing Thavil-Nadaswaram combo for thefolksy tune while Kabilan's lyrics about god Vinayagar and Sean Roldan's arrangements makes this one enjoyable listen till it lasts. Despite the tune reminds yesteryear hits, Sean Roldan along with Sathyaprakash and ShenbagaRaj's spirited singing mitigates all those minor grouses. Sean Roldan once again nailed in delivering the fine melody in Poove Pooviname while Chinmayi and composer itself behind the mic doing the spot on rendition. Sean Roldan's breezy guitar laden arrangements along with Ghatam and nadhaswaram touch enhance the flavour of the song well. Particularly loved the prelude guitar strums with the classical twist to it and humming by Chinmayi towards the end. 

         Kenathakannam Kenathakannam has boisterous horn and percussion section along with amusing lyrics by Vivek like 'Arnold ku vetti katti sivaji nu kattuven', but passable tune makes this one fails to engage the listeners. Anthony Daasan's spirited vocals alone unable to salvage the languishing heard before feel in the tune.Velamarapattayum is lyricist Araikudi Bharathi Ganesan's show all the way and Sean Roldan uses the well known devotional tune for this short message oriented track. Aagaa has many captivating elements like addictive title hook, middle east percussion cum flute touches, Vivek's quirky imaginative lyrics and all of them blends together which result in the enjoyable song in the album. Hariharasudhan amply supports the song with his right attitude and exuberant singing. Kaasu Kedacha loosu Pidikkum has unrefutable Santosh Narayanan stamp in the tune and rides on the Anthony Daasan's spirited vocals while the singer also unable to hold the listener in this three minutes out and out folk number. Apart from the few quirky folk elements in the arrangements with nadhaswaram, this one has nothing special to offer.

Verdict: Sean Roldan's 144 has its highs with engaging single melody and quirky elements in tandem with the movie theme. However as a soundtrack this one falls behind compared to the composer's excellent repertoire in 2014.

My rating: 7.5/10

Pick of the Album: Poove Pooviname, Aagaa, Vinai Theerkum Pillayada

You can listen to the songs here.

P.S. Edited version of the review is available here.