Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Music Review (Tamil): Irudhi Sutru

Music Review (Tamil): Irudhi Suttru
Music Composer: Santosh Narayanan

      Santosh owns Ei Sandakkara with highly mesmerizing Phil Hartl's violin portions throughout the song accompanied by lovely accordion and flute peppered occasionally. Dhee's earthy vocals is another major highlight of the song. Overall Santosh's unconventional tune and orchestration make this one undisputable winner in the soundtrack.Santosh mixes bluesy guitar cum Jazzy keyboard sound with upbeat kuthu elements effectually in Vaa machaney. Sean Roldan croons this song from the female point of view although in Hindi version Sunidhi Chauhan delivers the same song. However, Sean Roldan makes this own extremely enjoyable with his idiosyncratic humming/scatting portions.

      Usuru nerambula nee's tune is trademark Santosh one and arrangements also has whiff of Santosh's earlier songs. Once again Santosh roped Dhee to croon this song and she is fabulous in crooning this lovely melancholy with her rustic vocals. Santosh's minimal orchestration with keys and wailing string sections. Santosh's heady rock base for this Maya Visai tune is highly engaging with two debut singers Vijay Narain and Shri Shyamalingam as the lead while Santosh owns the chorus sections with his unique vocals. Josephy Vijay's Guitar work and bass portions are awesome throughout the song especially minute long solo towards the end. Poda Poda tune is a generic one and the tune comes lively mainly because of Pradeep Kumar's effectual sprightly rendition. Santosh did a neat job with arrangements and particularly loved the inclusion of EDM trance elements in the half-way. Vivek's optimistic lyrics and the Santosh's progressive arrangements will suit more with the visuals of the song.

My rating: 8.5/10

Verdict: Santosh delivers the first album of 2016 in style after relatively maintaining low-key in 2015. Santosh Narayanan once again proves that he can deliver the highly listenable album with enough experimentation in tune and orchestration.

Pick of the album: Ei Sandakara, Usuru Nerambula Nee, Vaa Machaney

You can listen to the songs in Saavn.

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