Saturday, January 23, 2016

Music Review(Tamil): Bangalore Naatkal

Music Review(Tamil): Bangalore Naatkal
Music Composer: Gopi Sundar

Naan Maati Kondaen, ear-pleasing melody catapulted by Karthik's breezy vocals and Gopi Sundar's likable tune. Gopi Sundar deftly adapted the tune of his previous hit songs in Telugu and packaged the song to give the different feel to the song. Gopi's arrangements feature lovely violins and string sound which easily can be associated with the composer.Namma Ooru Bangalore though the tune is similar to the  Malayalam version, arrangements are tweaked with the inclusion of Sax in the interludes and overall mixing by Gopi Sundar sounds sprightly which makes this version better compared to the original. Ranjith's vocals also punchy enough required for the genre. Overall predictable rock number from Gopi as the ode to Bangalore.

Aaga Motham Ennai's tune is similar to Thumbi Penne in the original one, however, arrangements are totally different from Malayalam. Here once again Gopi employed fabulous violin and Sumesh Parameshwar's mandolin cum violin combo in the first and second interlude respectively. Gopi Sundar kept the highly successful song in Bangalore days Mangalyam intact in the Tamil version with the same set of singers Vijay Yesudas, Sachin Warrier and Divya S Menon crooning this enjoyable marriage song.Pazhani Barathi's lyrics also seamlessly fit into this highly catchy song in the album. Though En Vizhyin Kanavu is inspired directly from Carla Bruni's French song quelqu'un m'a dit, the output is thoroughly endearing as the original one. Gopi's lovely minimalistic orchestration with guitar strums topped by velvety vocals of Anna Katharina Valayil Chandy of Ustad hotel fame makes this one endearing listen from start till end.The English song which featured in the movie as BGM pictured on Fahad and Nithya (in Tamil Rana- Samantha) is released as the part of the soundtrack in Tamil as I want to Fly. Once again Anna Katharina did a fabulous job with her sensual vocals which is complemented by Gopi's haunting arrangements with piano notes and string sections.

Verdict: Overall refreshing feel-good album from Gopi Sundar where Gopi kept the tunes of the songs intact while tweaking the orchestration a little in some songs. However, Tamil version lacks a beautiful Hindustani melody Ethu Kari Raavilum from the original one.

My rating: 7.25/10

Pick of the album: Thodakkam Mangalyam, En Vizhiyin Kanavu, Naan Maati Kondaen

You can listen to the songs in Saavn.

P.S. Edited version of the review is available here.