Friday, January 8, 2016

Music Review (Tamil): Pichaikaran

Music Review (Tamil): Pichaikaran
Music Composer: Vijay Antony

Glamour song though starts with a typical Vijay Antony's incomprehensible chorus portions, amusing lyrics crooned with rustic vocals of Velmurugan works very well. Apart from the routine kuthu percussion elements, the composer uses effectually clarinet sounds throughout the song. Overall, the song is listenable although the tune is simple and predictable.The emotional number Nooru Samigal is mostly situational and strictly functional while composer itself behind the mic to croon the song. Though the composer did a neat job with his vocals, the experienced singer would have spruced up the song much better. The arrangements are quite adequate with strings progression, rhythmic percussion and fabulous flute work in the interludes.

Vijay Antony nails the lovely melody Nenjorathil with the slew of Hindustani sounds thrown at the orchestration. Particularly loved the tabla throughout the song, the lovely Sarangi in the second interlude with occasional muddled harmonica sounds. Supriya Joshi did quite a splendid job with her sweet vocals.Vijay Antony ropes his one of the frequent collaborator Janaki Iyer to croon the melancholy Unakkaga Varuven and the lady aces the song with her vocals. However, the tune has very less repeat value while Vijay Antony mixes the trance elements with symphonic string portions and wailing violin to set the mood in the interludes.Oru Vellai Sotrukaga has a laudable thought provoking lyrics and typical orchestration laden with progressive string sections. Yasin did a commendable job with his vocals, however, the tune is pretty much conventional and predictable which bogs down the listeners mood very much. The song may work with the flow of visuals but not as a standalone track.

The lovely Hindustani-based song Nenjorathil comes in another version with Deepak Doddera to croon this melodious number. The mesmerising tune makes this version also equally enjoyable while Vijay Antony retains the orchestration pretty much intact without any changes. Deepak Doddera did fairly commendable rendition as Supriya Joshi.Pichaikaran Theme music is a racy number with enough dosages of trance elements, chants packed with Arabic flavoured hummings in the background. The short duration makes less impact however the theme track is a decent and listenable one from Vijay Antony.

Verdict: Vijay Antony's Pitchaikaran has a couple of enjoyable numbers with Nenjorathil being the indisputable winner in this album. However, Vijay Antony fails to deliver equally well with melancholic numbers which make this album an average one.

My rating:7.25/10

Pick of the Album: Nenjorathil (both versions), Glamour song, Unakkaga Varuven

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