Thursday, January 7, 2016

Music Review (Hindi): Jugni

Music Review (Hindi): Jugni
Music Composer: Clinton Cerejo 

     Though the album released a week back, the songs are simply brilliant which makes me to pen down my thoughts on this album here.

       The title track starts with the earnest folk rendition by Javed Bashir in the backdrop of mild guitar strums and what follows is the ebullient tune with well-arranged elements in the backdrop. The highlight of the orchestration is undeniably brilliant usage of mandolin and lovely second interlude. In the song's unplugged version, Neha Kakkar joins the proceedings and the tune takes somber route peppered by the harmonium.However, the sprightly original version works much better than this for its wide range of lovable orchestration. Dugg Duggi Dugg is the song of the soundtrack, soothing melody with the impeccable rendition by Vishal Bharadwaj. Clinton Cerejo complements the mood with minimal neat orchestration mainly with guitars which works beautifully for this lovely melody. 
Hatt Mullah is another best fusion song in the soundtrack which starts with Bianco Gomes tantalizing vocals followed by Baba Bulleh Shah's rustic vocals. Clinton's haunting dark orchestration with mild arabic flavour works wonderfully. Particularly sargams by Bulleh shah, the way Bianco's vocals mixed with drumming and heady Guitar rock base is the major highlight of this track. Bianco is excellent in the reprise version of the song also but the song creates less impact when compared to the original version.

         Bolladiyaan is Rekha Bharadwaj's show throughout and the lady aces the song like the only way she can with her resonating vocals. Clinton kept the orchestration subtle throughout the song. Dil Ke sang starts like Heer toh badi sad hai from Tamasha and the song is fun filled number with Nakash Aziz behind the mic to croon. Clinton uses foot-tapping rhythmic sounds with Dhols and other assorted sounds to give familiar Punjabi flavor to the song. Though Zarre Zarre Mein Noor Bhara confines well within the Quawalli template, the magic behind the Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's vocals makes this an enjoyable listen even though song is of 7 minutes duration. Javed Bashir returns back to deliver Dilaan De Saudey, with heady rhythmic rock base in the tune and fabulous sargams by Javed. Particularly loved the frenzy electric guitar sections in the interludes. Neha Kakkar does magic in her second song in the soundtrack, Joban Hai Shawwa and the song features splendid usage of folk string instruments, percussion amidst the guitar strums. Lakhon Salaam is also another fabulous listen and Kaasif Saahib (composer) roped A R Rahman to croon this track which has the middle eastern touch to it throughout and particularly loved the usage of flute to create the dark ambience setting to the song. Clinton ends the soundtrack with Heer, short track rides mainly on the earnest rendition by Nakash Aziz.

Verdict: Clinton Cerejo's debut for mainstream musical movie is outstanding and the film is about travel by musician, Clinton's score also traverse through various genres and flavors with indie touch to the songs.

My rating: 9/10

Pick of the Album: Dugg Duggi Dugg, Jugni, Hatt Mullah, Dilaan De Saudey, Lakhon Salaam

You can listen to the songs in Saavn.