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Music Review(Tamil): Kanithan

Music Review(Tamil): Kanithan
Music Composer: Sivamani

Yappa Chappa's tune is pretty much outmoded and also conventional mild Kuthu number while Anirudh and Kalpana's fine vocals bolstered the languishing tune to the particular extent. The only silver lining in this typical soundtrack is the soothing Rahman'ish second interlude with ghatam and flute touch in the arrangements.Sivamani gets his elements right in Maiyal Maiyal, although the tune is not an instant catchy one, Haricharan and Swetha's mellifluous vocals along with Sivamani's orchestration makes this one enjoyable till it lasts. Particularly loved the Guitar strums played in a classical manner, endearing percussions, mesmerising flute and the brilliant second interlude with veena.

I Viralgalal is another staid number in the soundtrack and MC AK's Tamil rap portions are run of the mill without any imagination whereas brief title hook is the only listenable part in an otherwise largely tedious song in the soundtrack. Sivamani's percussions get mired and become tenuous because of the humdrum tune.Modern Ponnathan gets better strictly in comparison with I viralgalal mainly because of Runa Sivamani, Blaaze and Karthik vocals. Sivamni spruce up the ordinary tune with the wide and impressive range of percussions from western to classical amidst the electronically synthesized sounds. Karky marks his presence with the colloquial amusing boys vs girls banter lyrics.Che Guevera's soul lies in the ever reliable S P Bala Subramaniam's enthusiastic rendition while Sivamani's frenzied percussion throughout the song complements well with the singer's verve. Pulamai Pithan's lyrics about media revolution is in tandem with the tone of the song. Overall Sivamani's ends the soundtrack with the fitting track which will blend well with the visuals.

Verdict: Sivamani's sophomore soundtrack after Arima Nambi is an average one which lacks instant catchy numbers. The soundtrack is salvaged by lead singers along with composer's forte.

My rating: 7/10

Pick of the Album: Che Guevera, Maiyal Maiyal

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