Sunday, February 14, 2016

Music Review (Hindi): Zubaan

Music Review (Hindi): Zubaan
Music Composer: Ashutosh Pathak

Music is my art, an undeniable nod to Justin Beiber's Take you aside, the song is adequately groovy enough with scintillating vocals from the lead singer Rachel Varghese. Ashutosh Pathak's techno sounds works seamlessly without any hindrance. Dhruvtara appears monotonous in tune wise but Ashutosh makes it up by mixing Punjabi folk with techno electronic sounds effectually. Keerthi Sagathia and Rachel's varghese's vocals once again bolstered the song well enough till it ends. Bhaven Tu Jaan rides mainly on the earnest rendition by Manraj S Patar where Ashutosh goes minimal in the orchestration front with piano to support. Tu hai to Tera Kuda is once again an eclectic mix of Punjabi elements with western pop sounds where heard before feel of the tune bogs down the listeners. However, Apekasha Dandekar's enticing vocals and Keerthi Sagathia's nuanced sargams spruce up the song to some extent. Kori Pukkar's techno sound becomes overkill with only the lead singer vocals being the silver lining in this track. Ashutosh excels in Aaj Saanu O mileya lovely mix of heady rock and Punjab's rustic flavour makes this an enjoyable listen with Rachal Varghese and Mandar Deshpande does a brilliant job with the vocals. Ashutosh ropes once again Manraj S Patar for another minimally orchestrated track kadi aa mil which is not as effectual as the previous one. Ashu Pathak's second part of the soundtrack is an adaptation of traditional Gurbani compositions. Bhai Mahinderjit Singh, Minu Bakshi, Mandar Deshpande  Sawaan Jaryal lend the vocal support and succeeds in bringing the serene feel to the compositions. Among the traditional compositions, Minu Bakshi's Jiske Sir Upar and Ek onkar being the best of the lot mainly due to Minu Bakshi's wonderful rendition.

Verdict: Ashutosh Pathak another indie musician enters the mainstream music and the soundtrack is a mix of his Blue Frog's sensibilities and traditional compositions. Overall, the esoteric album works partially and the soundscape may not go well with all kinds of listeners.

My rating:7.5/10

Pick of the Album: Aaj Saanu O mileya, Music is my art, Jiske Sir Upar

You can listen to the soundtrack in Youtube Part1 and Youtube Part2.