Monday, February 15, 2016

Music Review (Tamil): Aviyal

Music Review (Tamil): Aviyal
Music Composer: Vishal Chandrasekhar, Shameer Sultan, Antony Dasan, Raghu Dixit, Javed Riaz

Masura Pochey has quite an eccentric retro  tune crooned fabulously by Ghantasaala Raju while composer Shameer Sultan does the brilliant job in the arrangements with foot tapping rhythm elements, soft drums throughout the song and guitar usage in the end. However, Shameer Sultan's lyrics irks especially the title of the song. Vishal Chandrasekhar continues to showcase promise in Avial too with his laid back expanding esoteric tune in Kaatrodu which is handled deftly with ease by Anandi Chandrasekar. Though the tune is not an instantly catchy one, Vishal's experimental attempt needs to be lauded and Surya Balakumaran marks his presence with his lyrics which befit the tone of the song very well.

Cinemakaaran, composed and sung by Antony Dasan and Mani Amudhavan's lyrics showcases the adversities faced by Kollywood fraternities. Apart from the Antony Dasan's singing, Vishal's arrangements with motley of quirky sounds throughout the song is the highlight of this track and the song is enjoyable till it lasts.Raghu Dixit forays into the mainstream music and marks his debut in this lovely folk song Aviyal. Raghu's title track stays true to his musical sensibilities with an exquisite mix of Nadhaswaram and Raghu Dixit's enjoyable singing. Though the song is relatively of  short duration, composer ensures the fun quotient of the song remains intact from start till end. Of the two instrumental tracks, Vishal Chandrasekhar's many moods of accordion scores really well for its brilliant usage of accordion and deftly handled upbeat string sections to bring out the theatrical European feel to the instrumental. Another instrumental track, fight till finish composed by Javed Riaz falls flat compared to the other songs in the soundtrack.

Verdict: Alphonse Puthran delivers delectable and eclectic Avial with the help of five composers for an anthology film and each composer excels in their respective songs.

My rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: Title track, Masura Pochey, Many moods of accordion

P.S. You can listen to the songs in Youtube.