Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Music Review (Kannada): Devara Nadalli

Music Review (Kannada): Devara Nadalli
Music Composer: Hamsalekha

Allallalle Arrarrare is a pleasant composition from veteran Hamsalekha and for unknown reasons the rhythm evokes memories of similar composition from Malayalam songs. Chintan Vikas sounds fabulous in this lovely lilting composition filled with soothing flutes and sweeping string sections. Alleuaiah is a typical Christian choir song sung by Sneha and it's the least impressive song in the soundtrack. Antha Cheluveyena carries the coastal Karnataka traditional sound effectually while Prasad Cherkadi's rustic vocals brought out the flavour of the song very well. Hamsalekha shines in the arrangements front with quite an enticing chendamelam beats throughout the song and the song's final one and half minute arrangements with flute is a lovely touch from the composer although it's discordant with the initial portion. The title song's punchy percussion laden arrangements and vocals by Chintan Vikas is quite arousing. Particularly loved the winsome as well as haunting string portions throughout the song.

Verdict: Devara Nadalli is a thoroughly engaging soundtrack from veteran Hamsalekha.

My Rating: 7.75/10

Pick of the Album: Allallalle Arrarrare, Devara Nadalli, Antha Cheluveyena

You can listen to the song in Saavn.