Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Music Review(Tamil): Jil Jung Juk

Music Review(Tamil): Jil Jung Juk
Music Composer: Vishal Chandrasekhar

Shoot the Kuruvi already became a colossal hit mainly because of wacky lyrics and Anirudh's languorous rendition. The title hook is notably infectious and Vishal complements the tune with simple orchestration while Radha Ravi's comical portion is a nice touch from the team. Siddharth version of Shoot the Kili da fares much better, a heady rock version with some wonderfully done electric guitar solos and drums. Siddharth handles the vocals of the song with right attitude. Casanova, weakest song in the soundtrack. strictly in comparison to other songs. However, Andrea Jeremiah is simply fabulous with her sensual vocals while Vishal's Jazzy arrangements with piano and trumpets meet techno sounds intermittently. 

The soundtrack turns into highly awesome one with the remaining two songs in the soundtrack. Domer -u - lord u is an another instant catchy tune with quirky arrangements dominated by the melange of brass sounds and loved the middle eastern touch in the string section. Apart from the wacky arrangements, Kavitha Thomas fangled rendition along with Anthony Dassaan's raw energy makes this one highly engaging song in the soundtrack. The song of the soundtrack Red Road  belongs to two young composers in the Tamil industry, Santosh Narayanan and Sean Roldan. Santosh Narayanan brings the new flavour to the highly enticing tune with his unique signature vocals and Vivek's lyrics is a riot to hear along with awesomeness in the Vishal's arrangements. Vishal employed many intriguing sounds throughout the song makes this one most eccentric one in the soundtrack thanks to the lead singers.

Verdict: Vishal Chandrasekhar delivers highly engaging eccentric album after two relatively low-key albums in Tamil. Another highlight of the album is short quirky narrative appearing at the prelude of every song in the album

My rating:8.25/10

Pick of the Album: Red Road-u, Domer-u lord-u, Shoot the Kili

P.S. you can listen to the song in Saavn.