Monday, April 18, 2016

Music Review (Tamil): Iraivi

Music Review (Tamil): Iraivi
Music Composer: Santosh Narayanan

Onnu Rendu has inebriated tone written all over the song from S J Suryah's informal singing to Vivek's lyrics. Santosh Narayanan's orchestration with accordion and percussions thrown generously throughout the song keeps the passable song breathing till it lasts. The pleasant ending with bird chirping sound indicating morning seems to be dissonant with the raucous sound of the song.Kadhal Kappal, Santosh Narayanan's vocals aside, the song has less captivating factor and Santosh clumsy arrangements with Guitar and percussions too didn't help much to the song. The song turns into listenable in charanam portions, however as an overall song this one ends as an average song from the composer.

Solla Thudikkuthu's Ilayaraja'ish arrangements and tune help the song to some extent, however the song turns into a monotonous and bland listen after initial few minutes. Muthamil's lyrics with string of yesteryear film titles keeps the curiosity afloat, However overall song fails to appeal as expected. R K Sundar's vocals matches the overall song's chronology.Santosh Narayanan scores easily in Dushta with the angsty loung'ish expanding soundscape filled with enticing asssorted percussion sounds throughout the song. The song is backed by two effectual singers meenakshi and Dhee and they ace the rendition part exceptionally. Vivek's lyrics gels well with the overall mood of the song. Othayila short melancholy with very minimal orchestration is totally Anthony Daasan's show throughout the song. The song may appeal much better along with the Karthik Subburaj's visuals but not as a standalone track in the album. Manidhi's highlight is undeniably poignant rousing lyrics about women empowerment by Vivek and Santosh Narayanan's Rahman'ic tune works well for this highly inspirational song in the album. Brinda, Ananthu and Santosh Narayanan deliver fabulous support for this engaging tune in the album.

Verdict:  In Iraivi, Santosh Narayanan goes into unconventional quirky work similar to composer's earlier collaborations with Karthik Subburaj. However the quirkiness didn't work well and the songs impresses only in parts when compared to Pizza and Jigarthanda.

My rating: 7/10

Pick of the Album: Dushta, Manidhi, Kadhal Kappal

P.S. You can listen to the songs in Saavn.