Monday, April 11, 2016

Music Review (Tamil): 24

Music Review (Tamil): 24
Music Composer: A R Rahman

     Naan Un is the dulcet melody has the charming sing-along tune which both proficient lead singers Arijith Singh and Chinmayi aces with their beautiful rendition especially loved the hummable charanam portions. The Sunshine Chamber group's orchestration reaches the crescendo in the latter half of the song which features goosebump-inducing gospel music although it totally overshadows Madhan Karky's lyrics. Rahman laces the interludes with brilliant solo cello and apt percussions. Rahman comes up with another unstructured song Mei Nigara, loaded with quite a lot of intriguing techno sounds and especially loved the way Sid Sriram's high pitched vocals interlaced with debutant Sanah Moidutty's and Jonitha Gandhi's improvisations. Madhan Karky makes the song lot more impressive with his lyrics and overall splendid mixing of the sounds with vocals makes this song works. The song has an insanely catchy hook with odathe Thithikari.

         Punnagaye starts with a lovely prelude, wonderful mix of string sections cum Kareem Kamalakkar's flute especially in the tribal tone in the second interlude. The tune has the vintage shades of Rahman's earlier compositions and Shashaa Tripati owns the tune with her mellifluous vocals while Haricharan lends her support with the rousing portions. Though the tune is not an instantly catchy one, the song is enjoyable till it lasts. Shakthi Shree Gopalan croons serene lullaby Aararoo and Rahman's minimal orchestration with mainly Keba Jeremiah's guitar gives much impact to the song. Madhan Karky's poignant effective lyrics for this simple yet lovely listen. The overall feel and the involvement of Shakthishree and Keba reminds Ved Shankar's Azhagu Kutty Chellam's title song.
My twin brother, pacy instrumental theme filled with occasional choral chants by Srinivasa Krishnan and the composer succeeds in bringing the feel required for the intense thriller with fantastic mix of percussions and frenzied string sections. The theme may work well along with the visuals. Kaalam En Kadhali which is already released as a single and created quite a lot of waves in online media. The song has quite an extensive usage of electronic techno and hip-hop sounds which works partially while Benny Dayal rendition helps the song to an extent. Rahman's touches with synthesised Nadhaswarm sound and the percussions are the highlights in this partially engaging song.

Verdict: Rahman's latest album 24 sounds enjoyable and good with the composer's stamp but the album lags tad behind in creating the usual excitement while listening to the songs in Rahman album. However, the couple of songs Naan un and Mei Nigara are here to stay.

My rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: Naan un, Mei Nigara, Punnagaye

P.S You can listen to the songs in Eros now.