Friday, April 29, 2016

Music Review (Tamil): Marudhu

Music Review (Tamil): Marudhu
Music Composer: Imman

       Sooravalida's orchestration is the mix of earthy rural thumping percussions and extensive usage of Thirumurthi's Nadaswaram and the sounds are engaging although bordering on the familiar template. Imman's tune is the mishmash of composer's earlier soundtracks and the song comes off lively mainly due to Jinesh Prabhu's verve.Othasada Rosa's suffers from the monotonous tune especially in the Pallavi portions and the tune turns better in charanam with ample support from Sai Charan's vocals. Imman up the ante in the arrangements by employing timely infusion of Kanjira, strings in the prelude and guitar riffs with the classical twist in the interludes. Overall, engaging song with minor glitches.

        Karuvakaatu Karuvaaya simple lovely ear pleasing tune handled effectually by Vandana Srinivasan with her flawless vocals and bolstered by Jithin and Jayamoorthy. Imman kept the arrangements minimal with fabulous violin solos by Karthik Iyer and Ghatam being the highlight in this track. Vairamuthu's apt lyics tandem with the tone of the movie being the another asset of this track.Akka Petha Jakkavandi starts with tribal bagpiper prelude and the song transcends into foot tapping racy folk track with Imman's trademark sounds while Anirudh Ravichander and Niranjana Ramanan's buoyant vocals makes the song enjoyable one till it lasts. Yugabharathi's banter rural lyrics aids this entertaining song to the large extent.Imman ends the rural soundtrack with intense theme track where rich assortment of percussion, brief veena touch towards the end and grand orchestration makes this one works. Though occasional chants of marudhu doesn't add much value to the instrumental, overall theme looks neat and may gel well with the visuals.

Verdict: Marudhu, another rural outing for Imman and he delivers minimum guarantee soundtrack where songs appeal easily to target audiences. Imman's hackneyed Rajaésque 'melodies sounds lilting but begins to stale considering the volume of soundtracks scored by the composer.

My rating: 7.5/10

Pick of the Album: Karuvakaatu Karuvaaya, Akka Petha Jakkavandi, Othasada Rosa.

You can listen to the songs in Saavn.