Sunday, May 29, 2016

Music Review (Tamil): MeenKuzhambum ManPaanayum

Music Review (Tamil): MeenKuzhambum ManPaanayum
Music Composer: Imman

Sathyaprakash and Shashaa Tripati excel in the charming retro melody Athea Nila while Imman's arrangements feature brilliant violin solo in the interludes. Shashaa Tripati's rendition evokes memories of Aye Mr. Minor from Kaaviyathalaivan and though Elfe choir is not utilized as extensive as in Oruthi Mele, they render fantastic support to the lead singers.Wako Wowra's uninspiring  and typical tune  bogs down the listener's interest while Neha Basin and Varun Parandhaman's energetic vocals being the only enjoyable enough offer in this monotonous track. Imman's spruces up the arrangements with thumping guitars, hip hop beats and enjoyable terse middle Eastern tinge in the second interlude.

Shankar Mahadevan's involved rendition of the semi-classical melancholy Yellam Naadagam yendrayo along with his improvisations coupled with Imman's excellent layering of string sections throughout the song  makes this one easily winner in the soundtrack. Madhan Karky's brilliant melancholic lyrics and sporadic ominous flute bits set the tone of the song in a brilliant manner.Imman experiments another stylish upbeat  song Hey Putheajaya Poove and once again tune didn't help the song much. Imman's rhythmic beats and a melange of assorted sounds in the first interlude alone unable to salvage this song while Jithin Raj and Sunitha Sarathy does justice to the song with their upbeat vocals.MeenKuzhambum Man Paanayum's theme track is the delectable one especially for its enjoyable mix of brass sounds along with sequencing and brief dialogues. Overall Imman rounds off the soundtrack with neat theme sound which has nothing extraordinary to offer but listenable till it lasts.

Verdict: In MeenKuzhambum ManPaanayum Imman's formulaic tune continues to work whereas digressions impress partially. Overall another average outing in the composer's repertoire.

My rating: 7/10

Pick of the Album: Yellam Naadagam yendrayo, Athea Nila