Monday, May 23, 2016

Music Review (Telugu): Gentleman

Music Review (Telugu): Gentleman
Music Composer: Manisharma 

GusaGusalade, old school pleasant Manisharma's melodic tune packaged with enticing arrangements dominated by synth and nifty touches especially with brief veena and harmonium-Tabla combo in the first and second interludes respectively. The Alajade hook and accompanying musical commotion are catchy enough to clasp the listeners. Karthik's fantastic rendition supported by Pranavi and Ramajogayya's lyrics in sync with the tune makes this enjoyable listen till it lasts.

Dintaka Dintaka's hackneyed tune without any novelty bogs down the listener's interest a lot and typical synth dominated wedding themed arrangements also fails to invoke any enthusiasm while both mixing and arrangements seem to be a clumsy mix of assorted sounds. Rahul Sipligunj and Uma Neha's vocals are the only takeaways from this pedestrian track of the album.Manisharma easily scores in the simple tantalizing melody Chali Gaali Chuddu where the composer elevates the lilting tune with rich jazzy orchestration. Haricharan and Padmalatha's pitch-perfect vocals supported by a fabulous westernized rendition of Malavika in tune with the Manisharma's engaging arrangements makes this easily best song in the album. Manisharma’s infusion of classic trumpets, jazz keys cum drums and oboe in this lovely tune is enjoyable.Manisharma rounds off the short soundtrack with another mediocre song Saturday night fever and the song is loaded with the replete uninspiring EDM sounds which fail to elevate the level of the passable tune. Narendra and Maneesha's energetic vocals also unable to salvage this conventionally arranged and mixed party song.

Verdict: Manisharma impresses partially in Gentleman with two intriguing minimum guarantee melodies which are sure bound to be chartbusters.

My rating: 7.5/10

Pick of the Album: Chali Gaali Chuddu, Gusa Gusalade

You can listen to the songs in Saavn.