Monday, May 9, 2016

Music Review (Telugu): Brahmotsavam

Music Review (Telugu): Brahmotsavam
Music Composer: Mickey J Meyer

Vacchindi Kadha Avakasam was already released as a single and the song starts off with a familiarized cool guitar riffs straight out of English Pop sounds. Abhay Jodhpurkar rendered the listenable EDM fusion song really well while Srivennela's philosophical lyrics about life gets subdued under the techno sounds. Overall, simple accessible start to the highly anticipated album from Mickey J Meyer. Mickey J Meyer remixes wonderful Mishra Kamaaj based Bhajan, Madhuraashtakam composed by Vallabacharya. Though the tune is blissful, Mickey J Meyer's fantastic pop remix aside, the song didn't have quite an impact when compared to the serene original. Nevertheless, Padma and Sridevi did a fine job with their vocals and the short duration of the song being the only grouse. Mickey J Meyer rocks in the title song of the album similar to the director-composer previous outing Seethama Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu. Mickey's  hit the right note with high foot tapping techno sounds  and the fast paced pleasant tune combined with resonant vocals of Sreerama chandra makes this one enjoyable till it lasts.

Aata Paatalaadu rides mainly on the Karthik's earnest rendition and the tune is easily cakewalk for this proficient singer. Mickey J Meyer's simple tune, background rhythm and Srivennela's thought provoking lyrics sails along easily without much hindrance with excellent backing by superb chorus portions.Anjana Soumya and Ramya Behera's excellent singing of the folk tune Naidorintikada while Mickey's rhythmic arrangements make this one excellent listen in the album although the song lasts for just two minutes. One wishes Mickey should have churned out the full-fledged song with this instantly catchy folk tune.Bala Tripuramani is an another electronic sound laden track and Mickey's repetitive hook along with Rahul Nambiar's vocals makes this one enticing glisten in the album. Mickey's outlandish feel with the humming and percussion in the second interlude is the winning touch in the arrangements. Overall composer delivered another well rounded EDM track in the album salvaged by deft arrangements and mix.Put your hands up is the weakest link in the album because of the pedestrian tune and this song also treads on the overloaded electronic soundscape  in the album which makes this one tiresome listen. Sravana Bhargavi's vocals alone unable to prod the song from the mediocre level.

Verdict: Brahmotsavam's album is dominated by electronic soundscape, unlike the director-music director's previous three melodic albums. However, Mickey J Meyer ensures that the album pleases the listeners with the highly catchy and enjoyable sounds.

My rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: Naidorintikada, Bala Tripuramani, Brahmotsavam

P.S.You can listen to the songs in Saavn.