Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Music Review (Hindi): Udta Punjab

Music Review (Hindi): Udta Punjab
Music Composer: Amit Trivedi

       Chitta Ve, loaded with immensely catchy electronic synth sounds with occasional chants of Udta Punjab. Though the prelude rap portions not up to the hilt, overall song is an incredibly engaging one due to Shahid Mallya's outburst vocals and Amit's soundscape especially brilliant rhythm hook along with Inapakurti's flute. Da Da Dasse's electronic soundscape has the gloomy vibe attached to it and the mood is accentuated by Babu Haabi's hoarse vocals. Kanika Kapoor aces with the lovely melody portion of the track aided by Amit's lounge'ish background rhythm. 

    Ikk Kudi, enchanting melancholy with Shahid Mallya's engrossing rendition and Amit kept the arrangeemnts minimal as well as ambience instrumentation especially lovely flute cum mild drums makes this one gorgeous listen in the album. The song's reprise version has Dilijit Dosanjh, leading Punjabi artist behind the mic and although his singing didn't work much when compared to Shahid's, Amit makes up for it by layering the melody with prominent rock tone handled by Darshan Doshi's drums and Rushad's bass guitar. Another power packed singer Vishal Dadlani in the credit list of the title song and the song is highly energetic as expected. Amit's brilliant modish tune along with Vishal's attitude and insanely catchy hook with lovely strings makes this one enjoyable till it lasts. Shahid Mallya croons another song in the album Hass Nach le in a fantastic manner while the tune is more conventional sounding one in the album. Amit spruces up the tune with lovely harmonium by Akhlak Hussain varsi ably supported by Raju Sardar's dhols. Amit Tivedi ends the soundtrack with another manic track  Vadiya similar to Chitta Ve and the techno laden track works here also mainly due to Amit's brilliant techno mix and vocals.

Verdict: Amit Trivedi's Udta Punjab is diametically different soundtrack from the composer's previous album fitoor. Udta Punjab has immensely engaging techno tracks with highly catchy sounds from one of the brilliant composer in the Indian music scenario.

My rating: 8.5/10

Pick of the Album: Ikk Kudi, Chitta Ve, Ud Daa Punjab