Friday, May 6, 2016

Music Review (Telugu): Guppedantha Prema

Music Review (Telugu): Guppedantha Prema
Music Composer: Navneeth Sunder

Naalo Alajadedho gains immensely from the spirited wonderful guitar laden arrangements with Aalaap Raju's bass guitar work stands out while Shashaa Tirupati, Navneeth Sundar and Shailaja Babu aces with their vocals supported by fabulous vocal harmonies. Loved the brief play of guitar riffs with the classical twist to it in the first interlude. Tere dil se rides mainly on the Ranjith's energetic rendition while Navneeth arrangements tread on the foot-tapping synth beats, melodica and hardcore rock elements.Yedho Loyallo's highlight is the brilliant layering of strings section in the background and keys in the interludes while Karthik and Shashaa Tripathi aces the melody with their vocals. Udhayame Naa Aasha features soothing vocals with classical touches of Nivas being the highlight and Navneeth's ambient minimal orchestration with keys bolster the lovely short song in the album. The best song of the album goes to Vandana Srinivasan for Sakhiya Sakhiya where Navneeth's arrangements are quite impressive as the lead singer's splendid vocals. Navneeth brilliantly fused the violin at the background while Manonmani's Sarangi gives excellent support occasionally. The unplugged version of the song is equally a great listen for its blissful violin by Ramakrishna Lakshmanan. Di Do Di Do is the staple Telugu folk kuthu where Priya Himesh's energetic vocals being the only take away. Gaayamai Maanuma's soaring tune works to its favour and Abhijith's compelling rendition makes this one splendid listen. Kanule Kalaga is more templatized and conventional one, however the ambience created with minimal arrangements and Navneeth's singing makes up for its minor glitches.

Verdict: Navneeth Sunder's Telugu debut is much more refreshing with breezy enjoyable set of songs gives much needed detour from the mainstream composers in Telugu.

My rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: Sakhiya Sakhiya, Yedho Loayallo, Udhayame Naa Aasha, Naalo Alajededho

You can listen to the songs in Youtube.