Saturday, May 13, 2017

Music Review (Tamil): Brindavanam

Music Review (Tamil): Brindavanam
Music Composer: Vishal Chandrasekar

Shoobi Doobi Dooba sticks to the tried and tested Jazzy tune while Sharanya Gopinath handles the tune with aplomb attitude except for the mangled pronunciation of Pazhagi. Karky's lyrics provoke enough enthusiasm to keep the song afloat while the kickass show stealer of the song is undeniable Kraven's Electric guitar work.Yaar's Ilayaraja'esque tune evokes delightful memories and S P Balasubramaniyam's vocals infuse life to the tune while Vishal Chandrasekhar brilliantly employed the Chandrajith's Tabla and Punya's Veena layer over the pleasant tune. Raghvasimhan's strings come off as parallel vocals in the background. Overall enjoyable laid back relaxing tune from Vishal.

Giji Giji Saare's Goan'esque sound is the only song which is easily relatable to Vidyasagar while Vishal adorned the tune with the brilliant arrangements dominated by Krishna Kishor's live percussions. However brief Carnatic tinged cues in the interludes being the undeniable highlight of the track. Nikhil Mathew and composer's better half Sinduri Vishal handles the lively tune very well.

Verdict: Vishal delivered confidently the never before heard sounds in Radha Mohan films for Brindavanam, However missing the timeless melodies by Vidyasagar for Radha Mohan movies.

My Rating: 7.75/10

Pick of the Album: Yaar, Giji Giji Saare