Monday, May 22, 2017

Music Review (Telugu): Rarandoi Vedukka Chuddam

Music Review (Telugu): Rarandoi Vedukka Chuddam
Music Composer: Devisri Prasad

The title song starts up with the celebratory Balesh's Shenai and the tune is adequately ear friendly with the pleasant arrangements while Ranjith and Gopika ably support the tune till it lasts. Ramajoggaya Sastry's nails the lyrics and the verses gels well with the DSP's amiable tune.Nee Vente Nenunte is the typical DSP tune and the tried and tested rhythm didn't add much value to the song. However, the staid tune is improvised by engaging arrangements highlighted by Nathan's Sax and flute sections accompanied by DSP's acoustic guitar. Srimani's lyrics sounds apt for the composer's languishing tune. Shwetha Mohan's vocals give much impetus to an otherwise average tune.

Brahmaramba also suffers from the DSP's stock tune and the tune gets tiresome in the prelude itself despite Sagar's high-octane singing while the lyrics also fails to make this one an engaging one. The only solace in an otherwise tepid song is Balaji's solo violin.Break up is an another mediocre song where an impressive credit list of musicians is wasted in the lifeless tune which is backed only by the mass template of the song. Bhaskara Bhatla's colloquial lyrics is also unable to salvage this Simha and Dhanunjay's show.The song of the soundtrack comes in the form of Thakita Thakajam and the song is adequately pleasant with an engaging Tabla base accompanied by stupendous affecting usage of violin and Keba Jeremiah's impressive guitar work. Javed Ali gives life to the engaging tune and it's a great respite to listen to this song after the string of mediocre songs in the soundtrack. However, the rock versions fares lower when compared to the original version despite the brilliant effort from Keba Jeremiah.

Verdict: DSP sticks to his comfort zone in Rarandoi Vedukka Chuddam and couple of songs works in an otherwise largely an average soundtrack from the composer.

My Rating: 6/10

Pick of the Album: Thakita Thakajam, Title Song.